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Based in Bangalore, termed the Silicon Valley of India, Excubator helps high-potential start-ups scale and get discovered by a network of customers, investors, industry partners, other entrepreneurs and influencers.

Since 2013, we’ve guided hundreds of startups on how to build products and viable business models using our platforms, processes and people.

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Excubator helps global organizations, investors and high quality startups discover and engage with each other. We combine platforms, processes and people to do this.


We are a startup incubator who help you position your idea in a competitive environment using our Excube360 platform. We guide you in your outreach to customers and investors. We are not just mentors: we are coaches.

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Global Enterprises

We have helped large enterprises and governments discover and leverage startup innovation. Our excube360 engine helps you analyze and spot technologies and startups that promise faster and leaner innovation cycles for you.

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Meeting hundreds of startups to build a quality dealflow is a terrible waste of time. Our ExSeed platform has helped both angel investors and VCs screen through thousands of startups and identify the best.. in real time.

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Who we are

Guhesh Ramanathan


Guide to enterprise incubators,
Founder-CEO at Excubator,
Author of Scuba Sutras for startups


Vivek Kumar

Director & CTO

Technology and Startup Speaker,
Director & CTO @ Excubator,
Helping the global startup ecosystem through platforms


What they say

Gaurav Vohra


Without the guidance and advise from Excubator, our business would not be where it is today. The practical, clear thinking and strategic advice from Excubator gives a broad perspective that one tends to lose as an entrepreneur, hard pressed for time. Excubator has helped us hone our long-term vision and made a definite impact on the shape the venture has taken.

Prateek Khare


Time and again Excubator manages to bring together deep tech and applied research based young companies with relevant enterprise decision makers. The fact that both groups - the entrepreneurs and the corporate CxO's continue to respect Excubator's calls says a lot about Excubator's seriousness and approach.

Ajay Lakhotia


For a change someone is building a platform to solve the pain point for Investors. Good initiative, efficient platform and a strong team with deep understanding of the VC ecosystem.

Organizations we work with

We have privilege of working with some of largest innovation driven enterprises, investment firms, government entities and international organizations.

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